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# people who unfairly compair sansa and arya piss me off # they’re both fighting for survival # they’re both playing to win # but the thing a lot of people are failing to realize? # THEY’RE PLAYING /DIFFERENT/ GAMES # they’re not in the same category and they’re not working with the same tools # or in the same arena # quit fucking putting down sansa in comparison arya # quit portraying sword fighting as more noble than fighting with words # they’re both cunning # they’re both clever # you don’t need to insult sansa’s femininity to build up arya # they’re both amazing and they both fucking with the westeros gender roles

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happy music, just because:


thirty songs total, including three mash-ups, two tunes without words, and one song that used to be in mazda commercials way back when. zoom motherfucking zoom, y’all! 

everybody talks - neon trees | start the commotion - wiseguys feat. greg nice | folsom prison gangstaz (eazy-e vs. johnny cash) - dj topcat | cobrastyle - teddybears feat. mad cobra | bombshell blonde - owl city | change of season - sweet thing | three a.m. - matchbox twenty | brother sport - animal collective | strt crd - adam warrock & vince vandal | this tightrope’s made for walking (janelle monae vs nancy sinatra) - party ben | where y’ at - trombone shorty | gold trans am - ke$ha | fascination - alphabeat | staring at the sun - simple kid | never want you back (taylor swift vs. jackson 5) - chambaland | steal my kisses - ben harper & the innocent criminals | ain’t nothing wrong with that - robert randolph and the family band | black tongue - yeah yeah yeahs | candy shop - the baseballs | walkie talkie man - steriogram | clint eastward - trey anastasio | snow is gone - josh ritter | strict machine - goldfrapp | bachna ae haseeno revisited - kishore kumar | gonna get over you - sara bareilles feat ryan tedder | young blood - the naked and the famous | amsterdam - peter bjorn and john | swing - ani difranco | rambling’ man - the allman brothers | tamacun - rodrigo y gabriela 

grab it here :D 

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